SSC Consulting rooms can only be booked for a maximum of one hour per consultation, up to 52 weeks in advance.

All bookings will require a minimum input of the Students name and N number.

To find out more information about the facilities in the room, please hover over the symbol.

If you are unable to input all the required fields please contact the Student Services Centre

  To make a booking:

  • Select the 'available' slot you wish to book, shown in green. The slot colour will then change to amber to show it has been selected for booking. You can select adjacent slots provided they do not exceed an hour in total. If all slots are blue this means there are no available slots to book.
  • Read the 'SSC Consultation Room and You' notes. If you accept then press 'Continue'. If you no longer wish to book the study room then press 'Cancel'.
  • Fill in the required details then press 'Submit my Booking'.
  • You'll then receive a confirmation email reminding you about which room you've booked and when.